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Posted February 11th, 2009 by rfoley

greendorchester_logo_RGBGreenDorchester, formerly the Dorchester Environmental Health Coalition (DEHC) exists to empower any local resident, grassroots group, business, institution or non-profit organization working on community-based environmental change in Dorchester.  GreenDorchester promotes the environmental, social and economic benefits of living sustainably in Boston’s largest and oldest neighborhood. GreenDorchester’s mission is to tackle urban environmental health and equity through education and organizing, literally from the ground up, with the goal of improving Dorchester’s outdoor environment and therefore the health of anyone who lives, works, plays and learns anywhere in Dorchester, MA. GreenDorchester wants to support locally-initiated projects and nurture new ‘green’ leadership. Our objective is building a diverse, inclusive, dynamic movement to address environmental and economic injustice and inspire climate action. GreenDorchester develops partnerships with local, city-wide, regional and national organizations with resources to help make Dorchester greener and healthier. Since 2003, GreenDorchester has educated the public about urban environmental health issues and advocated for environmental equity for all of Dorchester. We started with a community-wide survey, publicizing research on environmental issues facing Dorchester in our Environmental Profile. GreenDorchester helps make all Dorchester healthier by improving community green space resources; by raising local air quality awareness; by advocating for public transit improvement, traffic calming, biking and walking amenities; and encouraging active living. Some examples of the work GreenDorchester has been involved with over the past few years -

  • a new Elmhurst Children’s Playground built on vacant lots (opened July 2009)
  • an air quality banner notification program
  • a massive reconstruction project at Ashmont T station, with an adjacent privately-developed transit-oriented mixed-use building
  • the Dorchester Avenue Intersection Improvement Project that will upgrade 15 intersections
  • funding of dozens of Dorchester grassroots walk clubs through the Boston Public Health Commission.

In 2008, GreenDorchester formed Dot Bike, a “spin-off” community bicycle transportation advocacy group (the first of its kind in Boston) that mobilizes Dorchester cyclists to call for needed biking infrastructure improvements, like bike lanes and racks, and organizes community bike rides to help increase biking in Dorchester. GreenDorchester has also helped garner Bicycle Friendly Business awards for both the Dorchester House MSC (2009) and Codman Square Health Center (2010). Please contact GreenDorchester if you are interested in getting involved. Check out our online green events calendar to find out what’s happening locally. Have a ‘green’ event you’d like listed on the calendar? Send us an email! Recognition: click here for a list of citations covering GreenDorchester in the Media. Contact us via Email: info[AT]greendorchester.org


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