A Playway on Coleman Street, Sep. 1

Posted August 28th, 2012 by Joel and filed in Greening Dorchester, Move Dorchester, News

It’s child’s play in Dorchester on Saturday – the city will close off Coleman Street to traffic and open it to kid-friendly fun. From 2 to 6 p.m., the street will become a “Playway”: a child-oriented street fair that engages kids in outdoor play and activities and enables families with same-age children to get to know one another, regardless of what school they may attend. Activities for children of all ages (such as hula hoops, badminton, bike rodeo, jump rope, bean toss, chalk and mural art, etc) will be brought to the street and there will be group activities (salsa or other dances lessons, music performances). For more information, contact Jhana Senxian, jsenxian@sustainabilityguild.com, 617-930-6508.

The concept is based on a Play Streets initiative launched by Transportation Alternatives in New York. Read more here: http://transalt.org/campaigns/pedestrian/playstreets. If successful, the Boston Playways will be further developed and will become one of a family of projects that a neighborhood group could choose from to engage others on their
street, ranging from:

  •  Schedule a Boston Shines event or other local cleaning/greening activity
  • Hold a block party or a Playways Day
  • Organize a Neighborhood Watch group
  • And more!

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